Scrap collection

Drop Off's

Visit our location at 619 Spruce St. Aurora,IL 60506. Here, we purchase all your materials with a high tech computer system and pay cash. Here are just some of the many items we buy.

At Aurora Metal Recycling We Make It Easy

Everything you bring is itemized on a bar coded receipt this is then brought to our state of the art automatic cash dispensing machine which, when scanned, gives you cash!


I want to scrap my car

When you decide to sell your car it's important to consider a few factors. One being what will happen to the car. Here at AMR, we have state of the art machinery to handle all the toxic fluids contained in your car. With the use of this system we are able to recycle or dispose of all fluids in an evironmentally safe and correct matter.


Call us for a collection

In some cases It is necessary for a pick-up to be made. At Aurora Metal Recycling we can provide you with:

If you would like to know if your load quailfies, you can reach us at (630)262-3888.